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IMPORTANT: Week of 2/17/2020

Week of 2/17/2020.

Monday - Practice is 3:30 to 5:30 (because of Holiday)

Tuesday - Uniforms will be distributed at practice

Wednesday - Team Pictures... 3:15PM at Stadium - Practice After

Thursday - Training for Volunteers for Score Table (6PM at Stadium)

Friday - Home Opener Game -vs- St. Mary's


PICTURES:  Please arrive at 3:15-3:30PM.  EVERYONE will take an indivdual photo even if you don't order.  BRING BOTH BLACK & WHITE UNIFORMS.

Easiest way to order is go to https://lastingmemoriesphotoandvideo.com/ You can place your order and PAY ONLINE up until 10:00AM Wednesday.  They will bring all of the paperwork and you don't have to worry about it.

For cash or check payment, you must use the order form and have the player bring it with them.  Order form is in the Documents tab of this website.


HOME GAME DAYS:  JV team needs to arrive at stadium around 4:00 to 4:15PM.  We will go into the locker room as a TEAM at 4:30 PM.  We will change as a team and then head to the field together to warm up.  If you are late, you will NOT have access to the Locker Room.

ALWAYS bring BOTH uniforms just in case. Double check you have all of your gear.

mouthpiece (NOT white or clear) is MANDATORY.  No one will take the field without one and they will be sent HOME.

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